Google Voice V5.7 Updates and Features: What You Need To Know

Google Voice V5.7 Update

Everybody knows what Google brings to our world. Every year, Google is dabbling the internet-based from Gmail, Hangouts and much more. The VOICE V5.7 is one of the newest ventures from Google themselves, and it could be probably one of the most sought out developments in the internet sphere.

The Google VOICE v5.7 update changelog revealed added ability to copy voicemail transcriptions. Geographic location for phone numbers is now accessible for an ease call recognition. Also, you can now save multiple images sent through MMS messages, making it extra convenient for users.

With Google VOICE V5.7, missed call notifications can be tracked easily. This new feature enables us to know who called us, especially in a dead zone area.

The next update is a bit easier to understand, hangouts app messages that were sent through the Google Voice System to telephone numbers will now be visible in the Google Voice App. Hence, you can now access the same message on both apps. All you need to do is choose which one you prefer to use on a regular basis.

In initiating outgoing calls, you can conveniently use the Google Voice App. You can easily switch your transport for making calls from cellular data or wifi. If a request fails, there will be a prompt to attempt call using a different method.

In copying transcriptions, previously, we could replicate a phone number of text messages, but not the transcription of the voicemail. With this feature, Google now enables the possibility of copying the voicemail transcription too.

It is evident that Google is focusing on the business-related app to pave the way for the Google Voice update. There are significant changes one can notice such as a New Icon, a Contacts Tab, and a Do Not Disturb feature.

The first and second updates revealed by Google are minor changes to figure out the looks of the robotic type icon and the contact tab at the bottom. The focus is to form a comfortable interface for the app.

The third update, however, comes as a part of Google Voice Integration with G-suite. If we set up our working hours in google calendar, we’re able to set the G-suite to activate the do not disturb during the hours automatically.

I’m pretty sure that there are more updates Google is boiling for its Google Voice App. We’ll update you once we see these new updates soon.

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