Check This: VoIP’s Different Levels of Subscription

VoIP Subscription Levels

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is another system of software and hardware that enables users to send voice messages and data using the internet. It is a branch of technology where it transmits voice calls in packets. Accordingly, it is the new way of how people communicate nowadays—it is a faster and a more convenient way to contact people rather than the usual landline telephones that we have. It has the same purpose as these telephones but in a different way and a cheaper one.

VoIP is commonly used in social media through mobile applications. It is a user-friendly software that allows people to transmit calls efficiently. Moreover, it is also a company’s smart and efficient medium for communication as it also offers different services depending on an organization’s need. If you still do not have a VoIP system in your big or small business, here are the packages or levels of subscription that you need to know:

The level of subscription for VoIP users depends on the size of your company, some users, and most importantly, your internet provider. The first level of VoIP subscription is the Entry Level Subscription. It is one of the most common level users subscribe to and the most ideal for small businesses and organizations. The package is inclusive of unlimited calls and voicemails, mobile apps and customer support.

The second level is called the Mid-Level Subscription. It has added features such as fax, auto attendant, and service reports. The Mid-Level Subscription is best for businesses with more than 30 users. It also has characteristics of the Entry Level—unlimited calls, voicemails, mobile apps, and customer support.

Lastly, if you have a higher need for Voice over Internet Protocol, the Premium Level subscription is something you might have been looking for. Its features are more advanced and have more selection. Its package includes a wide range of services such as auto call recording, voicemail transcription to text, integration with SalesforceandZendesk, and a large scale for video conferencing. It still includes the features of the Entry Level and Mid-level subscription.

The higher the need your business, the bigger the need to improve your VoIP telephone system. The cost of these tiers depends on the provider since more advanced features are being offered at a higher price. If you already have the Entry level and wish to upgrade, there will be no problem since it will be easy to do so.

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