3D Technology is Now Being Used for Face Transplants

3D Technology for Face Transplant

Innovation in healthcare and medical technology has been advancing in different areas and has been one of the most successful when it comes to satisfaction and providing better service for everyone. The leap from today’s technology from years ago have already been seen through the changes and how medical practitioners have practiced differently. They have already been using different types of technology devices that we never thought could have existed.

One area of medical technology that has been successful is the use of 3D technology in face transplants. This is an operation performed by replacing a patient’s disfigured face with a whole look of a very recently deceased person. It may sound weird and ridiculous but some people are in dire need of this operation, and it is made possible through 3D technology.

3D technology allows the fusion of medicine and modern technology to go along and work together efficiently. It includes 3D imaging and printing which produces an accurate pattern for the performing doctor and the team. Accordingly, this 3D technology does almost everything that they need to perform such as planning, printing, and the accuracy in aligning the patient’s face during operation.

It is safe to say that about 90% of today’s hospital and healthcare relies on medical technology and the results have always been reliable and successful.

This innovation in medical technology builds a digital model for face transplants through the help of other medical tests that are done on the patient such as CT Scan, X-Ray and the like using different angles to gather data and information to perfect the image model for the face transplant. It is a more detailed type of surgery that helps people gain back their confidence and their “life” once again.

As part of the process, this 3D technology takes a 3-dimensional digital model and then converts it into a slice file that is printable and readable and is now useful for building a physical representation through layers.
3D printing and imaging have already been seen in the movies, and now it is being performed in real life. Patients who have been part of this 3D technology have already started a new life.

Last year, Cameron Underwood who was a gunshot and had his facial feature disfigured, had his face transplanted using this 3D technology. Accordingly, after the accident, he suffered from multiple damages which also disrupted his speech. But it has already changed after a 24-hour operation, and he is living proof of the advances in medical technology.

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