Why Businesses have been Switching to VoIP Technology

More reasons to switch on VoIP

Previously, we talked about how VoIP can revolutionize communication in a business setting. Well, in a sense, a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology, indeed, can transform a company’s phone system by changing the way people in an organization communicate thus making it the most convenient tool for communication.

In the early years, the first telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876 proved that there is a need for people of different sectors to communicate in a day. Today, we are already 140 years after that invention and technology have innovated many ways for us to talk to one another and one of which is VoIP technology.

VoIP technology is also named as IP technology or broadband telephony and since its introduction, the technology has been shaping the way our generation communicates whether in the business realms or not it is being used in every minute of the day. It can send voice messages over the internet or data through apps which bypasses the need for a real telephone. Communication has been made simple through VoIP technology, and people have more access to it than the original phones.

The impact of VoIP in a business setting makes them save more on costs for telecommunication since it comes with different services and packages. In a survey conducted in the United States, about 40% of businesses have already switched to VoIP telephone system in the year 2015 up to the present from the usual landline telephones. Their main reason for doing so is always financial since there are a lot of requirements in keeping up with landline telephones.

The cost—which is cheaper—for having a VoIP system is always a win-win situation for businesses. There are a lot of extra fees when setting up landline telephones compared to VoIP systems. The standard features that VoIP already has like voice messaging, extensions, call transfers and other automated systems requires a different payment when using landline phones — not considering the installation fees which costs thousands of dollars. VoIP already comes with all these features by just using your internet.

Businesses have the freedom to choose different services of VoIP that is suitable for their business setting and can save a lot more than other types of telecommunication services. It is indeed clear for business owners that the cost for installing a VoIP system is cheaper than the typical landline telephone. More and more businesses have been considering and have already been switching to a VoIP system as their primary tool for communication.

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