Game-based Education System is now being Offered in schools

Game-based school activity raised interest on students

We have heard a lot on how technology has been affecting the younger generation’s behavior and lifestyle. There are more 50% of news daily that says technology plays a significant role in shaping the minds of children and how it has been negatively affecting them. Recent studies on psychological behavior will tell us that gadgets added with online games have been a problem for children and how parents raise their kids in this time where everything is mostly technology-based. As early as one year, children have already access to gadgets at home, and by the time they enter school, technology is already a requirement for them. How do we solve this dilemma?

Meanwhile, a school in Connecticut offers a different style in education through the use of gadgets and games. Yes, you read it right! Accordingly, this school lets their student be on the screens watching their virtual lives move. Was it helpful regarding how a student learns? Well, its a matter of debate. So, you might wonder how this institution scores its students considering its part of the curriculum? The answer might surprise you.

Students are graded through their performance in the game but rest assured they are not fighting with their classmates. The game that they are playing is a similar game to an online battle game called “Fortnite.” These children are also being graded with their participation in the game and behavior. What they earn as “gold” or “coins” in the game is also the basis for their grading system.

Today, schools and colleges use technology as a tool to advance their learnings and make their life easier. They are using different apps and online sites for communication and smarter technology which gives a more accurate result for what they need. However, schools that most likely replace education with online games are still being observed. Do they learn more are they just entertained by the fact that these games are delightful?

According to a teacher, since they had switched to Classcraft two years ago, students have been more motivated and participative in class, and she has found a better way to connect with them. Teacher Gianna said that her students have been addicted to a good idea.

Another thing is, what students earn as points are converted to their virtual coins to upgrade their avatars. Admittedly, there is a better psychological explanation to for effect on these students who are engaged in this type of school activity. Aside from being awarded for good behavior, children are also being penalized for having bad behavior. This game-based learning system proved that children could learn through the newest technology there is in the market.

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