A Man From Hyderabad, India Arrested For Using Illegal VoIP Service

A Man From Hyderabad, India Arrested For Using Illegal VoIP Service

In the city of Hyderabad, India, a man was arrested by the police because of alleged running illegal VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It was said that this kind of hack or scheme allows converting international calls into local calls by covering up the caller’s number.

This smart move was made possible by Dinesh Kumar, who was the owner of an internet cafe in Hyderabad, India before. The police arrested him after discovering his illegal doing denied by the authority that the suspect Kumar has linked with ISI (Indian Statistical Institute).

Because of this incident, a lot of news is spreading, fake or not, and nobody knows which is which. Some of the reports highlighted that drew criticisms are all linking to ISI being part of the illegal VoIP made. Further, people believed that ISI planned to do such scheme to acquire sensitive information regarding defense from India. And, this kind of scheme is a significant threat for the said country like how an illegal telephone exchange in Hyderabad city gave way for ISI to sneak out and get information from the Indian army. Another fearing news is helping Pakistan’s ISI group to gather sensitive data from the Military Intelligence by using illegal VoIP exchange.

But according to the police of Hyderabad City, all the news coming out after the arrest of Dinesh Kumar are fake. It is not true that Dinesh Kumar has any connections with ISI nor running an illegal telecom service nor he has links with the terrorists. It does not mean that when the police got the information from the Military Intelligence, it is already connected to the terrorist attack.

Fake news are spreading all over, especially social media is uncontrollable. In the case of Dinesh Kumar issue, a local newspaper from Delhi had already reported that he was arrested even before it was done. Police gave an assurance to the people of Hyderabad, India that there is now severe harm in Dinesh Kumar’s case. His illegal actions only run STD booth giving service of cheap call rates to his customers.

Reporters who are delivering fake news should be responsible for their actions. They should be aware that whatever they provide news to people will have a significant impact on other people’s lives and will lead to chaos. Dinesh Kumar is now being held at Chanchalguda jail at the city of Hyderabad. He was arrested on Friday of January 4, 2019.

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