Samsung Galaxy S10 Features That Leaked Online

Samsung S10 Leaks and Features

2019 is another year for mobile companies and consumers to expect newer innovative features in technology. During the Mobile World Conference where Samsung announced its release date for their latest product, the Samsung Galaxy S10, a leak on their camera feature and design has been the talk on the news and social media.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an “Artistic Live Focus” in its camera. While Samsung phones already have their Live Focus on their cameras that take bokeh shots, the Artistic Live Focus feature is expected to demonstrate a better focus and style on mobile photography which will take photos on a higher level of effects making it more impressive. It is said that its new feature will create digital animations with special effects as claimed by Galaxy Club.

As we all know, Samsung has been fulfilling their commitment to innovating smartphone photography throughout the years in the mobile industry. True enough, Samsung has been leading on this area while competing with other mobile companies like Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and the others. Samsung’s lens on every release is always a product of improvement which is still awaited on the market.

Meanwhile, people have now been dealing with the trend in mobile photography saying that it is a more natural way of taking photos and videos since it comes handier and more ‘user-friendly’ and its quality has been improving.

Based on surveys for most consumers, camera feature and photo quality have been one of the top considerations in purchasing mobile phones. This is also because of today’s trend in social media where users love to post daily photos online.

Samsung will most likely be using Snapdragon 855 by Qualcomm which promises next level experience for users including mobile manufacturers.

Another feature that the Samsung Galaxy S10 model will have is the Infinity-O design. The S10 will also come with a wireless charging speed powered by Qualcomm technology. This will finally provide answers to users’ questions about their charging speed problems—making it one of the reasons why their products get behind the competition.

Next year will be more exciting because it will be a time when mobile companies will earnestly seek innovation and problem-solving on current issues on their products. The industry has been one of the largest and one of the most booming in all areas. And with today’s demands on technology, we will see more and more.

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