Online games affect child’s psychological growth and behavior

How to stop kids from being addicted to online gaming

People can connect to people from other parts of the world in so many ways both paid or not. We can get connected through favorite social media apps, dating sites, and for the younger ones they compare themselves with others through online gaming.

The advancement of technology has evolved from simple forms to very impressive ones that have taken these sites including video games to a higher level. With today’s innovative technology, these games already come in features you never know that existed.

Meanwhile, online gaming has been one of the most popular on children and even young adults as their past-time activity while others play for a living.

Although, the problem on these online platforms is that at times it can be addictive for others and could cause violence in the long run—there are risks when these sites are used in the wrong way. Most of those who are affected by these issues are our children, and the numbers of these cases have gone out of hand around the world.

Studies show that when children are exposed to too much screen time or play time online causes harm to their behavior, and their psychological and physical growth.

It affects the way they speak, interacts, and respond to people and things around them. They tend to live their ‘real life’ as if it is one of their games.

Sadly, most reports are connected with violence and misbehavior in their homes and schools. It will only be a matter of time when children forget that they need to communicate with real people and the real world.

Accordingly, this happens to a lot of children from around the world, and the solution to this unruly behavior is only one thing—that is ending their addiction to online games. But how can we benefit the advantages of new technology and not its wrong sides?

As parents and educators, we should be the first ones to set the limit for our children by letting them see that there is more to life than their lives in online games. We play a vital role in their behavior and how they use the internet; while it is true that not everything we see on the internet is terrible, but what we do not understand is what causes the wrong turns.

We can reduce the risks of children getting addicted to games by understanding that social media and online games are not solely the root of it all, but when our lifestyle gets disrupted by it, it will be safe to conclude that it might be the cause of changed behavior.

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