Google Ireland Limited to Service Europe and Switzerland’s Google Users

Google Ireland Limited to change Terms and Privacy Policy

A few months earlier in 2018, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) announced some changes for their service providers and consumer services on the new privacy laws which are said to be changed on the year 2019. There will be a replacement on their current provider, and the decision to transition has already been set.

According to Anne Rooney, Google Ireland Limited, which is currently based in Dublin, will be taking over the responsibility for Europe’s consumer services. They will be in control for the legal liabilities for Swiss users’ information and data control. Google Ireland Limited will also be regulating and responding to requests for user’s data starting on January 2019.

Anne Rooney is Google Ireland’s Public Policy Manager, and she also added that this was to help facilitate the engagement with the authorities of the EU data protection through GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation.

In compliance with the changes with the GDPR, Google will be updating its general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy next year by January 22nd in Switzerland and the European Economic Area. This is to align their existing policies with the new one that will enter in January 2019.

Meanwhile, the update on their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy have already begun through their massive work on contacting and informing their users and other companies.

Google Ireland will be seen as their service provider for Gmail, Search, and Maps. These three are the primary consumer services that will be reflecting the alterations on the policies including a separate one for other services such as Drive, YouTube, YouTube Paid Service, and Play.

However, the shift on having Google Ireland Limited as Europe and Switzerland’s provider has made users question on how this change will affect their usual usage of data and other functions that they have been regularly using.

This was answered by Rooney and said and assured the public that there would be no changes in how data will be collected or processed, accordingly, and in full hope, everything will feel normal, and it should not threaten users.

The new role to be played by Google Ireland Limited is to provide better data control for each user in Europe and Switzerland and to protect users’ information and data.

Hence, data information will also be kept as it is and the adjustments on the system shall not cause any disturbance to the public. The service provided by Google Ireland will also be in line with the Irish Law.

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