Hyundai announces their transition to fuel-cell technology

Hyundai Fuel-Cell Technology

Fuel-cell uses hydrogen gas which emits only water vapor to operate cars and other types of machinery. This type of fuel system eliminates risks on the environment by using chemical energy producing cleaner and more efficient electricity. Today, automobile companies seek to use fuel-cell technology as their motor’s source of power.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to invest about $7 billion in developing this system to their cars, ships, and drones over the next ten years with an estimation of producing 700,000 units powered with hydrogen power. The company together with its affiliate, Kia Motors, is recorded as the fifth largest automaker in the world that aims to build a “hydrogen society” hoping that this will be the future and trend in the auto industry.

Meanwhile, this type of hydrogen-powered system is already being used on Toyota’s automobiles and have already gained much profit in a short period. The decision on whether to apply this kind of fuel system had taken a while for Hyundai.

In recent years, the Hyundai Motor Group as a whole received criticisms from other companies because of its slow adaption to electric vehicles that are battery-powered. Because of it, they have been struggling to cope with their rival’s production and revenues although maintaining to be the second largest group automaker in South Korea.

Despite the criticism, the company still believes that if they invest in fuel-cell technology today, they will reap its long-term benefits. They are planning on producing a commercially-made hydrogen-powered truck which will be the world’s first in collaboration with H2 Energy, a Swiss hydrogen company.

Hyundai’s mission in establishing fuel-cell technology in their automobiles is to gain more than from what they can profit—that is to contribute to a cleaner environment for the next generation. In creating the “hydrogen society,” they would want to go beyond what is expected by others. They want to change the game in the industry by leveling-up their role in society by being more environmentally responsible.

Indeed, being influential in the world should take a vital role in saving our environment. These companies are owned by the most advanced nations and are striving hard to innovate on new technology.

Accordingly, adapting to fuel-cell technology will take the company a little while to have their return on investment. But still, their goal to preserve the environment remains the point of why they are shifting to new technology.

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