Finding Rover – An App That Uses Facial Recognition To Rescue Lost Pets

Finding Rover is an app that uses facial recognition to rescue lost pets

Have you ever lost your pet? There is now a better way of keeping track of your furry friends!

A new technology announces the best way (for now) of finding them through a simple app on your mobile phones.

Animal shelters keep lost pets mostly dogs and cats, surrendered animals, and sometimes abandoned and abused. These organizations have been working on giving animals the care that they need.

However, in the past years, there have been problems on the numbers that have been adding up every single day. Pet owners directly go to them to look for their missing pets, and most times they end up being more frustrated.

The advancement in technology has now created an app that creates facial recognition for pets which makes it easier for them to be found through the database the application keeps.

Finding Rover guarantees about 98% accuracy on their data.

Pet owners and the “finders” of these lost pets can upload a photo of the animal. The technology now uses its facial recognition to make a match. This will make it faster to search for your lost pets.

Although the app has not been widespread, Finding Rover has already rescued around 15,000 pets and have reunited them with their owners.

According to veterinarians, this type of technology that uses facial recognition for animals is an excellent contribution to society since it adds the chances of rescuing lost animals.

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald also suggests to keep microchips embedded on animals for faster tracking—but it remains an option to owners.

Innovations in technology are not limited to the usual kinds of stuff we have, but it is going beyond what we need and what we cannot afford to do on our part.

Fortunately, we have people who are dedicated to the industry and are concerned with our furry friends. If you are a pet owner and have already experience losing your pets, you would know the sadness and anxiety that it causes.

This app will save us from suffering these again in the future.

John Polimeno founded Finding Rover. Their goal is to rescue lost pets and reunite them with their owners.

The app has been a powerful tool in joining lost pets to their owners. It has also been successful in meeting their goal for a time now. Most animal shelters in the US have now been applying this app to connect with pet owners.

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