Digital promotions on Aveeno using Quotient Technology to boost sales

Johnson & Johnson boost sales Aveeno

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s leading companies in healthcare products founded in 1886 is now dominating in over 175 countries around the world.

It has been topping production in pharmaceutical including consumer packaged goods and is widely known for their skin healthcare products for babies and infants, Johnson’s Baby, Band-Aid (line of bandages), and facial care products such as Neutrogena and Clean & Clear.

Additionally, Aveeno—one of their brands—had to increase its potential in the market in sales and penetration. They have been looking on areas where the brand can excel more.

J&J have admitted that they were having a difficult time in boosting Aveeno’s sales in the past years and recently have figured out a way to increase promotions.

The company has decided to partner with Quotient Technology Inc., leading in digital promotions, analytics, and media. Quotient has been a top promoter of products online using digital coupons to its monitor sales and advertisement progress.

The technology used by Quotient involves a vast network of national retail partnering with digital promotions. It allows millions of its potential customers and consumers to be reached through their advertisements on apps, websites and other possible areas online where the product can be promoted. It also partners with other online shops to develop the products.

Through this, they have communicated with a considerable percentage of women in the United States (Aveeno’s primary demographic) using the coupons they get at and other online shopping apps.

These women showed that they are interested in using the products offered by Aveeno through their purchases and the promotions that they received from Quotient. Since then, their market on Aveeno has been raised on the double.

Quotient has made it easier to attract customers to the product by clicking on the online promotions that were offered to them. Its capabilities to magnet customers through their daily ads have made J&J and Aveeno successfully achieve their goal to launch their promotions and raise their sales in a short period.

The data and promotion that have been produced by Quotient will now be used by Johnson & Johnson to continue their sales on other healthcare products which are providing better health for every community around the world. One of their goals as a company to sustain each stage life and to satisfy one’s needs through their products and to create an environment that is healthier and better.

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