Walmart Partners With Flipkart To Cater More Consumers Outside Of Its Current Support

Walmart and Flipkart Partners

Online shopping apps have been a trend for years now. It has been used by most people who like to do their shopping wherever they are—at home, work, or even at school.

It has been leisure and past-time for most who find it more convenient to stay out of the malls and the lines at the cashier.

In the United States, business giants like Amazon have been using shopping apps to cater to their people’s needs. Over time, online shopping has grown from clothing to appliances, to groceries and convenience stores, until it has already included restaurants and other areas being sold in the market.

For most, online shopping has been a great help to reduce the cost of time spent getting to the malls or supermarkets. This trend in technology helps not only the busy ones but also the disabled — shopping apps aid people who are unable to get to places to purchase stuff.

Meanwhile, Walmart—America’s most visited hypermarket and department store—has been interested in putting their store in one of India’s favorite online shopping app, Flipkart to boost sales and improve their marketing strategies.

Flipkart is an Indian-owned shopping app which is suitable for mobile phones that are of low bandwidths since it only uses only 100 kilobytes and can be used with gadgets that are cheaper and have limited or flat disk space.

It started in 2015 as one of the world’s first progressive apps on the web accessible by consumers in small towns. The app does not require a great mobile phone to operate.

Walmart has been excited to use the online shopping app for its consumers as internal negotiations and acquisitions have already started by August of this year.

The world’s giant retail company have been American’s favorite and other people around the world as well. Using Flipkart as one of their innovations in their system will be of an excellent tool for people who are outside of America as it opens more opportunities for consumers.

According to Jeremy King, Walmart’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, they are looking forward to working with Flipkart very soon. He even said that Walmart trusts the company in providing a more convenient shopping experience for its consumers since Flipkart has also been great in innovating their system.

Walmart’s interest in improving their system has been in consideration for some time now including data analytics and web shopping apps.

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