Qualcomm’s Newest Introduces A Lot Of Firsts

Qualcomm's Newest Product

Qualcomm has merely no competition when it comes to high-end SoC. Adding to insult to injury, Qualcomm has just announced their latest and best Snapdragon 855 for 2019.

Also declaring that Samsung and OnePlus to be the first phone manufacturers to bare the beast inside of their future phones. They promised a 45% increase in performance throughout the board.

That’s a lot of power for something that fits in your pocket. It’s predecessor, the Snapdragon 845 was, by all means, nothing short of amazing, just how does the new Snapdragon 855 stack up?

We’re getting smaller transistors by 7nm compared to the previous 10nm translating to lower power consumption just like what Apple uses. Meaning that the system can be compressed more.

The CPU though using the same 4×4 setup now comes with the Kyro 845. The original core consists of 1 core clock at 2.84GHz and three cores clocked at 2.42GHz and a booster core comprised of 4 cores clocked at 1.80GHz. This means that instead of having a hungry 4×4 core setup, we’re getting a balanced and more efficient CPU performance while getting the latest Cortex-A-76 cores.

The GPU is getting a boost as well, but details are a bit scarce at the moment, only knowing that the Snapdragon 855 will be using the latest from Adreno with the 640. But, they promised a 20% percent increase in this department as well and of course support for Vulcan so gaming in VR with this will be a treat.

To all internet addicts out there, this system will be something special. Getting upgraded in the WiFi category, with download speeds of up to 2 Gigabytes/second from the former 1.2 Gigabytes/second and also getting ready for the future with support for “Wi-Gig” a multi-gigabit per second-speed wireless communications technology operating over the unlicensed 60 GHz frequency band.

So you better prepare to change your dictionary cause this technology would get speeds up to 10 Gigabytes/second!

While posting a lot of ‘World’s first’ in their websites like:

  • World’s First 4K HDR Video Capture with Portrait Mode (Bokeh), so you can film cinema-grade videos.
  • World’s First HDR10+ mobile video capture and playback for imagery with even more contrast and detail.
  • World’s First Computer Vision ISP (CV-ISP) delivers real-time object recognition, segmentation, and replacement to allow users to isolate and swap out backgrounds and objects– in real-time.

With all that said and competitors like Kirin and Apple way behind, Qualcomm still sits above the competition higher than before. But what excites me the most is

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