Drone To Be Used By Moose Cree First Nation For Delivery

Drones as delivery service provider

Delivering goods to Moose Factory is now possible with the help of modern technology. A drone will now carry products from mainland Moosonee crossing the Moose River.

This idea was made possible by the company called Drone Delivery Canada. The Moose Cree First Nation and Drone Delivery Canada signed a deal worth C$2.5m (£1.5m).

This commercial deal focuses on drone-method delivery that will transport supplies like medicines, food, and mail. If you think this idea is too outlandish, here are the specifics.

Every drone to be used in delivery can carry up to 5kg (11lb), taking 10 minutes every journey. The drone delivery service will initiate next spring, anticipating to start by March 1 next year. This kind of concept was carefully planned for a year according to the company’s official statement.

This idea was brought up since there is no bridge connecting the reserve island and its nearest town. Before their only means of delivering goods is by boat during summer, ice road in winter, and helicopter other times. But using a helicopter for delivery service is difficult during fall and spring as it usually causes freeze-up and break-up. Aside from being difficult, handling of an aircraft is expensive.

This kind of concept is rare for a remote area as they are usually behind in technology. Moose Cree First Nation’s director of economic development, Stan Kapashesit stated the upcoming high tech delivery of goods in their area, “Usually we’re the last ones that are following or catching up to the modern technologies, we’re being a part of the future and helping build that future pathway.”

Meanwhile, Moose Cree First Nation spokesman Paul Chakasim added that it is not easy transporting goods in a remote area especially during this time of the year where the river is on ice and weather is freezing.

The drone is intended to be affordable compared to using the helicopter for delivering of goods. Aside from that, it can also apply for monitoring seasonal changes like river breakups during spring. Using drone is not that complicated. It takes off using GPS coordination and lands at the location to be delivered receiving the parcel by a technician.

Using drone in delivering goods is very convenient and at the same time cheaper than using the helicopter. It will be an excellent help for places in remote areas and also when there will be an unexpected disaster like storms or earthquakes that usually destroy bridges or landslides that connects two places. With this high tech delivery, it will be easier for the people/victims to receive the goods by air.

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