Digital IDs to be Established in Asian Countries

Digital ID implementation in Asia

Social media contains millions of information of individuals around the world including government bodies, and over the years, there have been issues on identity and data breaches from both.

In the US, problems on such are solved immediately. Meanwhile, in Asia, the solution on these are not well provided since digital IDs have not been the trend for most countries in the continent.

Digital identity ensures that each has their data and information stored and secured (including data in the government system). These IDs are already widely used in the US and Europe as the source of information for authorized systems but not in Asia.

Accordingly, it is because of its diversity in people’s languages, mixed facial features and for some countries in Asia, it’s just their old systems and traditions in the government. It has been difficult for companies that create digital IDs to penetrate these countries since their way of keeping people’s information is not the same as countries on the other side of the world.

Fortunately, by next year, other countries in Asia that have not yet adopted the Digital Identification System will be made available through Real ID which is a company that builds a digital ID system for large-scale business.

Real ID has been doing negotiations with Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines, India, and Indonesia in establishing their Digital IDs.

Digital IDs uses artificial intelligence for processing different transactions which provide more secured information of an individual. It also uses SenseTimes, a technology that focuses on facial recognition and detection which lessens the number of mismatches in information.

Real ID also has a blockchain technology that keeps data and records secured from third parties. Blockchains allow only the authorized networks to get access to the information stored in the system.

Since we are a generation which relies on artificial technology more these days, we also have to adapt to specific changes in how we live life and how leaders run the government.

The Digital identification system will not just benefit one nation and its people. It will be more accessible for individuals who travel to other countries or work overseas having their digital ID in the system ready. It also provides a clearer and a more reliable data system. Therefore, it makes nations more connected by having a unified system.

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