The Amazon Forest will now be monitored by drones

The Amazon Forest will use drones to surveillance the area

The Amazon forest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest and is now being threatened by many illegal loggers, miners, and settlers causing deforestation and significant damage in the woods. Being the largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon contains biodiversity of millions of species in the world.

Some parts of the forests are being disturbed and destroyed by illegal mining in search for gold in the area, and there have been numerous reports of deforestation in other areas of the Amazon.

Illegal activities are going on in the forest, and we might just soon lose its purity. People who are in charge of maintaining the forest’s quality and the protected areas are having a difficult time monitoring the forest due to its vastness.

They believe that with the help of new technology and its advancements, they will be able to work better to solve the issue of the illegal activities happening in their areas.

The Peruvian NGO ConservacionAmazonica– ACCA is now doing an exclusive training for these workers and concession owners through teaching them how to use drones to monitor the areas of deforestation more efficiently.

Through the use of these drones, they will be able to get a clearer aerial view of the forest and immediately collect the data they gather. They will also be able to accurately locate the sites of illegal activities, especially in remote areas.

After the training on how to operate the drones, the ACCA certifies them as drone pilots. The concessionaires were also granted support from the government.

The drones will also provide high-definition images and videos of the forest which will give them every detail they need to report it to higher authorities.

The training provided by the ACCA are for the Brazil nut managers, forest concessions, and leaders of indigenous groups in the area.

Moreover, the drones donated by the ACCA will serve as a tool to accurately detect the activities in the area. In this way, they will be able to conserve the forest better and do reports faster. The concession owners will also now be able to do a thorough investigation and observation in their areas.

The conserved forest is under the authorities of protected areas of the Amazon but somehow having only a few people to cover the whole wood is a more excellent work. We honor those who have offered their help and passion for conserving the Amazon. We only have one Amazon, together, let us keep it as it is.

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  1. At last some good news for the Amazon. I wish everyone involved with this project good luck in protecting such an important world resource. Just a pity they can’t charge the polluters for purifying the air!!

  2. Daniel O'Brien | December 17, 2018 at 1:26 pm | Reply

    Thank goodness this will be happening because I care a lot about the Amazon and want it to remain protected for all the wildlife that live there and all the people who protect these areas to drive the poachers and tree cutters out.

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