$12 Million Lab for Marine Technology in Newport News

Marine Technology Newport News

Newport News will launch a $12 million worth laboratory for marine technology next year. It will be built by 3DOM, a Japanese battery company and Ockerman Automation including a collaboration by LAVLE USA and Old Dominion University.

There are about 25 jobs to be made available for analysts, designers, engineers, and programmers in Newport News.

As announced on Thursday, the new marine laboratory will house studies in advanced technology storage related to propulsion on marine electricity and system technology. It will also be an industry for ship-building and repair for the whole country.

The plan will create a workforce development for people who have been on the waiting list that is aiming to be a part of the marine technology and universities. Other parties will also benefit from this project.

The location for the upcoming marine lab is said to be near city offices which will be more accessible to the community. It will also be more visible as it will be located in the downtown area — LAVLE purchased the land for where the marine lab will be built from the Economic Development Authority.

According to Mayor McKinley Price, it is an honor to have the lab in Newport News as it will now be the site for maritime innovation in the country.

This means that Newport News will now be called the Center for Excellence for maritime change and construction with the responsibility to be called such is high, but the privilege to serve and be part of a world-changing site is more considerable.

The marine lab will also continue to do innovations in marine technology as it will bring in new devices for the people and state. Also, more training will be held to further advance the knowledge and skills of people in the maritime industry.

It will continue to provide a better marine environment for the future generation of marine technology and the people in the country.

Moreover, the need for a marine lab in the area is one of the things the state has been working on and fortunately they have been granted the privilege to build their own with the help of other companies who are dedicated to pursuing innovation in marine technology.

Marine laboratories are dedicated to advance marine science education, research, and outreach including protection for the marine environment through new technology and devices that will help sustain the goal of maritime preservation.

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