Funds for Native American Farmers and Ranchers to be Granted in 2019

Introduction of new technology in farming

New farming technology and methods have been in consideration for Native Americans and other farmers. Over the years, the problem in farming and their funding through grants failed to conclude accordingly.

There have been encounters with organizations who try to penetrate their traditional farming and agriculture but end up leaving them behind. Because of this, farmers and ranchers have lost so much in years.

Native Americans survive through their farming and agriculture while people who rely on hunting are those who live in the colder parts of America. Nowadays, farmers and ranchers still strive on what has been passed on to them as traditional farming despite the competencies in today’s culture.

For years, organizations and other firms have tried to work with the natives to be able to sustain their needs and provide new farming methods for coping with modernization. However, there has been less focus on this area of development as they sometimes feel like the people have forgotten them.

Also, an issue on tribal independence has been raised throughout America. Pueblos were forced to go back to their old ways of farming since they have been left out from the advancement in agricultural methods and practices.

They said that the funding they received lacked sustainability to assist them. The Pueblos have traditional agrarian heritage and are said to have been long-standing in the state.

In the year 2019, there will be a continuation and a more secure program for the Natives to keep their tradition, language and farming through the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Science. The funds that were received amounting to $197,492 will be used for the outreach programs that have been planned in “10 southern and northern pueblos” according to the NMSU program director.

One of the problems that were pointed out was losing their tradition and language in this modern times and no one seems to care about it.

The funding will also help them learn new farming methods using new technology in agriculture. In this way, the natives will be able to adopt new ways to improve their tradition in farming.

This will be an excellent opportunity for more investors and visitors to engage and connect with their practices and will soon have more funding to sustain their works for a more extended period.

The program will also raise awareness to save the tribes in America and will give them protection in their lands from harm caused by other firms.

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