Messenger Lite update: file sharing and GIFs are now available!

Messenger Lite new updates

Messenger Lite is Facebook Messenger’s data-efficient version. It is also a free app operating on less than 10megabytes of download, and over 2 million people are using this version according to current statistics.

For those who are unfamiliar with this app, Messenger Lite is still capable of receiving messages although not all features of the original FB Messenger are included. In a sense, it’s only intended for messaging purposes.

This version of Messenger was created as a “lighter” version of Facebook Messenger which now has features such as sharing daily stories in photos and videos.

Moreover, there is good news for loyal users of Messenger Lite. After thorough-thinking, a particular update has been made by its developers and announced on Wednesday about the changes that Messenger Lite will have.

An exciting change in its features will come your way this Christmas season, and this is not a temporary one, but a permanent replacement.
Users can now play GIFs—an animation of images.

Before the update, Messenger Lite users could not play GIFs but can receive them only as photos although Facebook suggests using a third-party keyboard such as Google Gboard to be able to send them.

According to Facebook, users can now send and receive GIFs without them thinking of what was sent to them. GIFs are fun animations used by people to express their feelings in messages and including comments. A wide-range of GIFs from different categories are present in Facebook and Messenger, and users utilize all for its sole purpose.

Aside from GIFs, Messenger Lite can now also have colored conversations which are also one feature of Facebook Messenger that people love to do. It is also now capable of renaming groups and adding nicknames to people in Messenger. Chat Emojis are also now on its new update.

Before this, users only used its default color and design.

An additional to update is also the sharing and receiving of files, audios, images, and videos. Almost all features of Facebook Messenger is now available in its alternate version with the assurance that it does not defeat its purpose—to remain lite!

The new features in Messenger Lite are probably just some of the highlights of the original one that will soon be shared.

This version of Facebook Messenger is best for users who have an older model or versions of mobile android phones and currently experiencing problems with low systems. Messenger Lite is a simplified version of what you get to have in the “heavy version.”

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