iPhone users are switching to Android

iPhone users switching to Android

The decision on whether to switch to an Android phone from iPhone has been on top of the argument lists. While others will tell you that there is no reason to exchange their iPhones for an Android phone, others are already considering to switch and make the change.

Most of former iPhone users’ reviews you get to see on the internet will show how they are amazed by Android’s capability and mostly about how user-friendly it is.

Android is iPhone’s greatest rival, and both have been on the watch of what’s new and what’s not in the mobile industry. The question is: is it worth it to switch to Android?

There are a lot of latest models from leading Android phone companies like Samsung and Huawei, and all possess good and better reviews compared to iPhone.

Accordingly, Apple iPhones and Samsung have competed ever since the trend and demand on mobile phones have started. Their latest phones sometimes look similar although their features come in differently. But the months on when these phones are released always seem to have a close race.

Moreover, the price we get to pay for mobile phones has also been our most significant consideration when purchasing one and prices released for iPhones has gone unreasonably for most. Also, its value in the market has been fast-changing.

iPhone users who switch to Android are most likely never to return to iPhone while you do not always get to hear Android users hate on the new features they get from mobile companies.

Somehow, the latter gets to provide for what they need at a lower price, and Android phones offer almost the same features as iPhones, and its updates are always available.

Some would tell you that the only probability to keep them from switching to Android is the iMessage. The convenience users benefit from iMessage will always be different from all other SMS apps accordingly.

However, the decision to switch from iPhone to Android has always been a matter of whether your mobile phone still matches the demands of your everyday life or not. If what you have bothers you, do not be scared to try a different thing. You can always switch back to your iPhone anytime you want.

As we enter the year 2019, we hope that we get better and more convenient mobile phones at a more reasonable price. Get ready for more of the latest in Android and Apple next year!

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