Huawei will release their 3D Camera feature in 2019!

Huawei 3D Camera

The New Year is coming with newer and more advanced technology in the world – from smart to ‘genius’ home appliance, gadgets, including healthcare and education. It’s another time to discover more of technology’s ability to change how we view life and how we can make it part of our daily routines.

The rise of competition in mobile phones and its features has been one of technology’s top focus as it has been one of the most significant demands in the industry. The updates and pluses on mobile phones have been on the watch-out for most people around the world. It has been a challenging area in the industry since its demands have been rising every month and newer features are what people want.

However, the advancement of technology by different companies has gone almost similar to each other, that it takes only someone too knowledgeable to notice. It seemed nearly the same as companies ‘update’ their mobile phones. Also, the rise of new mobile phone companies that have similar features are out on the market and have been given a shot this year.

Huawei, on the other hand, has planned to unveil its newest phone model with their latest feature by next year. Accordingly, they are also to release their most recent feature on their models that are to be announced in the later months of 2019. It makes consumers think of what is going to happen in the next two years in the mobile industry.

The first model of this new feature is to be announced within this month and will go on sale next year. Huawei’s next mobile phone and its future ones will have their first ever “3D Camera” that is capable of capturing three-dimensional photos in one click.

This allows users to have pictures viewed in many different angles. As speculated, this new feature by Huawei will also enable developers in the mobile gaming industry and other apps to have a more modern and better visual function. This will also include gestures accordingly.

Huawei has been changing the game in the mobile industry starting with their super high-quality cameras this year and innovating it to 3D.

This feature has never been seen before according to Yusuke Toyoda a Fuji Chimera Research Inc. sensor analyst located in Tokyo. Huawei has been putting considerable effort to innovate their company’s technology for successful results as consumers await this new trend in the mobile industry.

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