Facebook’s Data Breach on Netflix and Other Popular Apps

Facebook sharing user information to Netflix?

Facebook is one of the largest and most used social media apps around the world. Around this year, the social media app was reported to have breached users’ information sharing it to other companies online.

Further, speculations revealed that Facebook ‘sold’ their users information which was vehemently denied by Mark Zuckerberg, owner, and founder of Facebook.

In the year 2014-15, a tightening on information security was done. However, there are still breaches on it according to some.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg spoke about the emails containing an offer of their users’ data and information to Netflix including other apps. Accordingly, the email showed that Netflix has already had access to Facebook users which caused an alarm to people who were affected.

Facebook’s confidentiality on their user information and data was already placed on a higher level of security, and it has already been an issue that Zuckerberg and his team faced.

Zuckerberg said that there has already been an internal discussion with the whole Facebook team on it, and during their talks, his people have raised multiple ideas although he did not directly mention their decision to “share” some of their users’ information.

It seemed like favorite apps like Netflix, which is said to have their users’ data had special access, and such information should have been kept confidential and private—something that violated their user’s trust. Despite the accusations, Zuckerberg made it clear that they never sold information to other apps including Netflix.

A committee on the British Parliamentary has also been doing an investigation on whether they have been manipulating results of the elections since the publication of a 250-page of internal documents. It also added on the issue of Facebook with Netflix.

Mark Zuckerberg remained calm and not threaten to reciprocate any misinterpretation to the UK’s Parliamentary Committee head, Damian Collins, who termed the issue on giving other favorite apps the privilege to have users’ data as “whitelisting.”

He also said that this could be a public interest that needs more evidence and a more explicit law on social media’s user rights including small business who works with these giants.

Meanwhile, Facebook has been doing its best to make it a platform for other developers for free who could choose to buy some ads if needed. And their latest updates on their app is for the betterment for their users and the whole Facebook community around the world.

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