Wooden-based material coffee cups for next year now in high consideration

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This year, the campaign for a plastic-free world has been one of the environmental priority, starting with metallic or bamboo straws which have been saleable in different places around the world, along with newly approved ‘single-use plastics.’ All these agendas aim to reduce waste specifically the use and production of plastics.

Plastics have somehow become part of our everyday lives; from plastic bags, utensils and the most-used: coffee cups!

It is said that coffee cups are being produced a lot of times in a year to cope up with its usage in the market. These ‘recyclable’ cups are mostly made of plastic coatings and the like. And sometimes, it is just not recyclable at all. It becomes part of the contribution of garbage in many places especially in a generation where everything we need should be instant and on-the-go.

Millions of these plastic coffee cups are being thrown in the oceans monthly and yearly or being burned down in bulk adding damage to our environment. But sometimes these waste products are merely dumped we know little about.

Meanwhile, according to environmental websites, our plastic wastes are being thrown to smaller countries who ‘might’ be able to do the recycling process of bigger countries. It has been an alarming trend that people do not care.

Recently, China has ordered to stop accepting waste materials for recycling from large countries since they are already unable to keep up with the work demanded. However, there are still other countries who would openly accept this type of ‘trade’ from other nations.

Kotkamills, a company based in Finland which specializes in the innovation of wood products, have proposed wooden and recyclable coffee cups as an alternative on cups we have right now. This project has now been thought of in Europe and is now in high consideration.

The company, Kotkamills said that the materials to be used for the project are wood-based polymers instead of plastic coats to make it fully recyclable and environment-friendly.

Accordingly, the elements will be more natural for recycling as it decomposes faster than any other material used for cups. The waste of these products are ready to be reused, and it also creates a strong fiber.

Tests are still ongoing in Europe and results will be done and available before the year ends.

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