Is Voice Messaging the new way of communication?

Voice Messaging, the new way of communicating

Chatting is one of the best ways to communicate with people around the world. Looking back over the years, we have interacted with people through calls and SMS which cost us more than today’s mode of communication.

What we have right now is direct access to anyone in the world and fees are already inclusive in our monthly internet dues. We can stream live videos, leave messages online or offline, video call, or merely voice message when we are too bored to type.

Voice messaging is this generation’s new trend. On a non-casual conversation, we get to talk to people by leaving voice messages, and we do not have to pay extra for it. We also can receive voice messages in just one click, and these files can be saved for the longest of times.

Sometimes, it’s ‘sweeter’ to obtain one than to read long messages and get its thought mistakenly. The hassle of calling a person (and paying extra) is now out of the picture. This was just once a dream and a plan of some as we click on the rewind button.

For those who were born in the early 90s, you know what it means to call people through mobile phones and cost you a lot of ‘drop calls’ to let people know you want to reach them. Or, if you were born even earlier than the ‘early 90s’ you probably still remember beepers where the long wait on replies was only for the patient ones.

Today, voice messaging is already openly available even in countries were video calls through apps are blocked. At least, you can listen to voices through the recordings sent to you. It has been one of the most popular ways of communicating since it serves as a message and at the same time a recorded file.

Voice messages also allow a user to express his or her thoughts without being misinterpreted—greatest enemy of communication. It also allows a person to communicate without being charged for more.

However, there are still some people who see the hassle of voice messaging. For some, they have to grab their earphones to listen to voice messages, and for some, they do not have the time to look to these type of words. Although, the decision is still on you whether you take advantage of this messaging or not. We all have our way of communicating.

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