Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou arrested in Canada due to violation of the US-Iran trade sanction

Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada

Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou has been arrested in Vancouver, Canada last December 1. It was found out that she is under the suspicion of violating the United States trade sanction against Iran. The court hearing will be held on Friday according to the Canadian Justice Department.

In a statement released, Meng Wanzhou is now facing extradition. She is one of the vice chairs of the Chinese technology company’s board and also the daughter of the company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei.

A spokesperson from Huawei told reporters that they do not have enough information gathered on why Ms. Meng Wanzhou was arrested. As far as they are concerned, Ms. Meng is innocent.

In any case, they are looking forward that the US and Canadian legal systems will give a just and fair conclusion. They believed that they had not violated any law and regulations in operating and distributing their products in the UN, US, and EU.

Ms. Meng requested a publication ban to contain the spreading of further information. Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy in Canada says that they are against the arrest of Ms. Meng and demanded her release once and for all. The spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry told reporters that arresting Ms. Meng is violating her human rights.

The United States authorities have been investigating Huawei intently since 2016. The company was allegedly accused of shipping US origin products to Iran and other countries that are against the law of US export. This has been going along since US-China war trade arouses.

Because of this, US President Donald Trump signed a bill that bans government agencies from using products and services of Huawei and its Chinese competitor ZTE. This ordinance was made due to national security concerns according to President.

But it seems like there are other concerns aside from what President Trump has made to order. Huawei, being the giant tech of the world today, worries that the US might beat local competitors.

Huawei is now the world’s largest telecom suppliers and the second largest smartphone maker. It recently surpasses Apple regarding sales and the second biggest smartphone maker after Samsung.

On the other hand, US is requesting Canada not to include Huawei in their list upgrade to 5G mobile. Huawei’s fate over the two countries is still indefinite. Consumers, however, are looking for to the conclusion as the G20 Summit is fast approaching.

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