Blockchains Technology: to collect data and secure country from incoming refugees

Blockchain technology will be used to collect data among incoming refugees

Welcoming refugees into our homelands is something our government has to deal with—their shelter, food, education, work and many more. A list of needs is to be considered upon receiving people to be part of the land.

Their identity and the land’s security is also to be of great consideration as they enter the lines that separate them from their freedom. Countries have now been planning a long-range solution for incoming refugees’ data gathering and analysis.

The plan is to collect and secure general and background information of refugees through a blockchain. This new technology allows nations to have an acquired data and tracking of the incoming refugees.

The data collected is protected by third parties, and it cannot be accessed and modified by anyone in public. In this way, refugees and the government will have better and more secure information on the people they are to keep.

The blockchain is equivalent to their IDs that keep track of their identity. It also provides refugees with a digital wallet containing access links to goods and other services that they need. Giving them an equally divided share of their needs from the government.

Everest is the world’s only device-free technology that is accessible globally which provides a built-in identity for people. This tool uses blockchains to store information and data for verification and better management of refugees in a country.

The secured information collected by the government through Everest and blockchains also prevent human trafficking, and it keeps refugees connected with their family members.

The problem of keeping refugees is not solely on the necessities that we are to provide for them. As a nation, we also think about our nation’s security from terrorism and other more significant problems that might enter our country.

The tool proposed is not just a one-way benefit, but surely it is a tool that will provide relief for both sides. We get to help and let them live while we also continue our lives with the thought that we too are secured from the decision that is being done.

By doing so, no one gets left out from the eyes of the government and everyone gets to be in-line with what is happening.

Everest is currently being used in Indonesia for a test on its effectivity. Indonesian households are now utilizing the program, and the experiment is said to be done with 40 million families for quality assurance and sustainability.

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