Artificial Intelligence by Technology Soon to Replace Humans

Artificial Intelligence

Technology has been considered artificial intelligence and might be ‘smarter’ than humans in some areas shortly. We have technology that can do things faster in just a click and technology that can create what we cannot in a few seconds. Sounds good but something is threatening regarding employment. While work may look more straightforward and more accessible, the fear of having no physical employees might be the trend in the years to come, and it should be something alarming for us. However, there will still be jobs that are in need of humans; technology might go the highest level and fill these needs in the future.

A question that has been raised about the advancement of new technology is: what its artificial intelligence could replace jobs?

There will be numerous jobs to enumerate but here are some examples of existing positions that could be possibly washed out from the employment line.

First is the world’s biggest job-generating companies: Call Center Customer Service departments. As we all know, call centers provide jobs to a lot of people around the world including America, India, Philippines and other Asian countries where big companies have distributed their customer service departments. They have also included all their marketing lines through call centers leaving only websites and brochures to choose and shop for your needs.

The recent experiment by Google Duplex allows people to interact with automated customer service attendants which you would never think are just artificial. Accordingly, the tool has been perfected that job positions in customer service might soon be eliminated and replaced by this.

Not only customer service in call centers are on the list, but this includes telemarketers, survey companies, and the like. The chances of replacing these type of jobs are high since machines will be of less cost for companies with call center support.

Second are couriers. Yes, couriers. Soon delivery men from couriers will be replaced by robots and drones reducing the cost for employees. This has been on the experiment for a time now and soon will be the trend.

Lastly, retail stores are also on the list of replacement. We already have online shops and companies find it more convenient to do retail online and prefer it over their physical stores. All these boils down lowering the cost of employment in salary and wages, rent, and many more expenses that could not keep up with sales. This might be good for companies, but this will be a threat for those who seek employment from them.

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