There are platforms in Social Media that can ease loneliness

Platforms in social media

Technology and social media go together as a tool for communicating and reaching out to people around the world. It is where people show what they do in a minute or a day, but sometimes it just gets too much to deal with.

Psychologists say that too much participation in social media may sometimes cause sadness and loneliness when individuals start comparing themselves with the things people post online or cross-validation from others.

We’ve seen too much the whole year about people happily traveling around the world or the war happening in Syria; couples getting married or couples divorcing left and right—the difference is too opposite, and sometimes we find ourselves in the other side of it.

There has been a study about people going through isolation and depression due to the harmful effects of social media. Some go through its extremes while others can take it.

A new thing is rising as online platforms creating communities that suit an individual’s interest, talent, skill, or preference. This platform is where people get to share what they commonly do and engage people in their community or people from different places. It is in the form of a specific application or ‘groups’ in social media that people can sign up for—for free!

These platforms raise awareness through making people feel that they belong to a community and that they are not alone. In this way, we are setting aside the harmful effects of social media and using it as a tool to express and share which most believe it was all for in the first place.

These sharing groups are easy to find since these are all ‘searchable’ online via your favorite social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. Just by entering keywords of your preferred group or searching through hashtags, you can automatically find them.

Group examples you may find are pages dedicated to the love for fashion, food, photography, dogs, cats, and many more! Anything you want is just a click away, and these groups are rest-assured owned by real people you can be with.

The sole purpose for these platforms is to reduce the population of people living in sadness and isolation damaged by the wrong things they see on social media. As it is said, be wise on what you see on the internet, and we hope that you get to find who you are through finding people who have the same interests as you do!

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