Cashierless Shopping is now on its way!

Cashierless System Technology Amazon

Shopping is one of everyone’s favorite past time—going to malls for clothing or grocery stores for other needs, buying in bulk or not, we do it a lot. There will never be a place without these stores. Indeed, these type of establishments generate jobs for many around the world.

Somehow, Inc. is experimenting with a different method in the market. The company has been trying to advance and maximize new technology in their stores—the big and small ones. Inc. has now started their cashierless system technology in seven of their convenience stores in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle which have been successfully operating for most who are familiar with the drill.

The retail giant is now introducing this type of cashierless checkout system technology in one of the big stores in Seattle experimenting how practical this approach will be. Inc. remained confident with this new type of system as it plans to establish more in their stores around the nation.

The cashierless system works by tracking the products customers pick from the shelves and automatically charges them upon leaving the store. Accordingly, the checkout system has been working for smaller stores since it can trace products purchased easily and this could be a little bit risky for big store set-ups.

This experiment, if successful, will decrease cashier positions in small and big stores meaning lesser job entries for job-seekers. On the other hand, this cashierless checkout system will eliminate the long waiting lines in stores and groceries, taking customer service on a higher level.

Meanwhile, some people do not agree with this new type of approach since it might be a threat to the employment system. We might wake up one day with no people to meet in stores because of such technology. While these type of systems make our shopping lives more comfortable, it might make our employment life invisible. Inc. aims to use the cashierless checkout system to advance the purpose of technology, and most of the Amazon Go customers have been wanting a cashierless system to avoid the lines.

This will be helpful for those busy people and the elderly who are unable to wait for more extended hours to get what they need. This system has its sound and adverse effects on the society; however, it’s up to us on how we see this as a tool for improving our stores.

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