Automated Facial Recognition Device is now widely used in the UK

Facial Recognition used in crime investigation

Investigating and solving complex crimes are one of the most crucial and tricky situation every police department encounters. Some cases may be resolved quickly, some are on the waiting lists, and some cases had remained untouched due to different reasons due to lack of evidence or no evidence at all.

New technology is making its way in trying aid complexity in criminal investigations or the overall crime-related problem solving, and one of it is facial recognition.

The Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) is a tool that generates information of people with criminal history through facial features. This is a faster way of recognizing individuals who’re on the police watch list.

Further, the tool provides sensible suggestions such as personal information or records. The device automatically determines possible facial matches which lessens the hassle of the investigation.

This new technology is more advanced than the current facial recognition that we have today. The technology generates a mathematical representation of people’s facial and physical appearance.

This has been widely used in airports in the UK helping them verify passengers and in other facilities that need higher security. It’s also attached to cameras surveilling the streets to identify individuals who are on the police watch list. This type of AFR automatically enhances brightness and color for faster identification.

The Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) was once tested in a big event setting in Cardiff to check on their police’s assessment on the device. Accordingly, it aided them in identifying suspects whom they would not have been able to determine on the spot.

In conclusion to their 12-month experiment with the Automated Facial Recognition, most of the arrests and other charges were assisted by the device. Indeed, it has been a ‘must-have’ for the police in crime investigation and solving.

The AFR has two modes of identifying and recognizing. It is the AFR Locate and the AFR Identify. The AFR Locate operates from live footages of CCTV cameras locating individuals with criminal records based on the police’s database such as images and information. The AFR Locate detects 600-800 images (in the UK).

The second mode of recognition is what they call the AFR Identify and is somehow the opposite of the AFR Locate. The AFR Identify works with images of individuals who are unidentified. The images used on this mode are those faces seen on crime scenes and faces that were described by victims—but do not have specific information of the suspect.

The tool has been part of the police department and is still in great use. However, there are limitations to this device as it needs more improvement in keeping up with today’s generation.

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