Smart Thermometers used in schools granted significant improvement in tracking and maintaining health condition

Smart Thermometer used in schools

Innovation in technology overwhelms us with its rapid changes. It can be in the form of an update or an upgrade with its models. Nowadays, technology is used in so many ways such as in food, education, and healthcare—almost everything we have right now is controlled by technology.

From appliances, furniture, books, and even applications for schools and automatic machines in hospitals, technology innovates itself and assist individuals in a magnitude of ways in their daily lives.

In Silvis, Illinois, a new found technology in healthcare is already being used in their schools. This part of healthcare keeps children healthy and stable.

The institution started using smart thermometers to track illnesses that are spreading in their area especially in schools. This device allows nurses and parents of students to gather daily reports on their child’s health.

How does it work?

The smart thermometer works through linking the data gathered to a direct application in their devices. The data is also being shared with their school nurses and parents. In this way, viruses and illnesses are easily detected to avoid its spread in the school community.

The data gathered from children and faculty members are body temperature, symptoms of various illnesses, and many more. Afterward, the device offers a treatment option for the user. It is also said that this smart thermometer sorts data by each grade level for faster isolation of the viruses detected.

Bowlesburg Elementary which is located in Silvis, Illinois has made it a goal and a vision to keep their students in good condition while they learn academically. The tool is a great help to check on what is going on within their children’s body.

Each thermometer costs at around $20 in retail price. However, some schools in the United States were granted free thermometers. One of them is Bowlesburg Elementary. The school has won $2,000 worth of this device and were able to give out 100 free thermometers to their children’s parents.

There are about 500 schools in America participating in the program. Bowlesburg Elementary is the first school in Illinois to be part of it. The school had been lucky enough to win the application and said that it would encourage more schools around Illinois to take part of it in the next school year.

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