Chinese Intelligence accused of cyber spying America

Chinese Intelligence espionage on America

An unnamed official of the Chinese Intelligence was accused of cyber-spying the United States’ trade information. The Chinese espionage against the United States is said to have improved concerning their tactics and their way of spying, but the reason has remained the same—trade conflicts, and competition in government is still its primary purpose for doing such a thing.

The espionage is a practice of the Chinese government under President Xi Jinping to obtain secret information in technology, business, military, and government agencies only to be used by large companies in the country which is not something new for any country.

A few years ago, back in the Obama administration, the Chinese cyber espionage had already ended through an agreement by President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The arrangement lasted and resulted in a freeze in their surveillance. The pact was well-respected by the Chinese government and was also well-observed. However, the act had once again started in President Trump’s administration.

The tension between China and the United States had gone higher the past few months which could have caused the start of another espionage. Although, the sole reason for this espionage has been under debate as it is not yet clearly stated by both sides. The two countries are said to be the world’s largest growing economies in trade industry and government.

According to the American Intelligence, China’s nature of espionage has changed. They’ve ‘accelerated’ throughout the years making it more difficult for them to detect. This news was confirmed by President Trump’s former White House Cyber Coordinator, Rob Joyce, who spoke in San Francisco at the Aspen Cyber Summit earlier this month.

However, China’s acceleration in cyberspying has probably made them obtain more significant information. The data that they have gathered may be used as an advantage in their military forces against the United States and other countries. It can also be used as an advancement in their technology and industry.

The Trump administration said that they should focus more on the data that has been leaked through this espionage. They are hoping that there is still more time to do an investigation before another cyber espionage shall take over.

Meanwhile, Trump and Xi Jinping will be meeting this weekend at a gathering in Argentina and hopefully will be able to settle things in agreement once again as it has been sealed in the Obama Administration.

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