Tips on how you can be smarter than technology

Ways to survive the digital age

Technology is one of the broadest areas in this generation. It can be about food, gadgets, social media and many more. For most, they adopt such things readily with no hesitation, but for others, it is still something confusing and just not worth the investment.

A few years ago, Farhad Manjoo, a writer who inspired many with his plans and strategies on how to survive the new world of technology. Those years, technology was not as complicated as today’s inventions, but Manjoo has already thought of a survival plan on how to cope up with the changes in lifestyle caused by technology.

People back then saw gadgets and the internet as only something that is for leisure and other useless stuff to kill time. But, when companies took advantage of the of its benefits, technology has now become part—and a priority—of any business.

It seems like no business can survive without technology. And, that is today’s truth. No matter what position you hold or which part of the world you are in right now, you are in front of a device that is invented by technology.

It is essential to understand why we need to be in line with new technology and set our ‘primitive’ ways aside. You might be missing out on so much more than you could ever think of. Although, we all should be careful of the choices we make in purchasing gadgets and anything that costs a price.

In this fast-changing times, we have gadget producing companies that innovate their technology every month and year and of course, with a higher price and most of the time we can be driven by hype or societal pressure and purchase the wrong ones.

Here, are five tips on how you can be smarter than technology:

1. Always check on reviews.
2. Do not be in a hurry when you purchase a gadget.
3. Choose only from trusted companies.
4. Having more is not a problem, but it is still essential to know what you need.
5. The hype will soon fade. You do not have to participate.

These are just a few things to remember when purchasing gadgets or apps. We all have different needs regarding technology, and we can all learn from it—our good and bad choices. We can use technology as an excellent investment for work, studies and in our homes.

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