New Zealand bans Huawei due to security reasons

Huawei Banned in New Zealand

New Zealand banned Huawei, a telecommunication company, from a 5G project within the country. Speculations behind it were because the company is Chinese-owned. For years, China has been on top of the world’s most thriving market in technology. It has been the center of production of most products around the world.

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunication company owned by a former engineer in the CPLA or China’s People’s Liberation Army named Ren Zhengfei. This made speculations that the company has close links with the Chinese government and military. Hence, could have access to specific information that New Zealand feared. However, this theory has been explicitly denied by Huawei ever since.

So what is the real reason behind banning Huawei?

Andrew Little, minister of the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), rejected to have Huawei in New Zealand because of its security risks that are putting the nation at stake. He also stated that this is only one way of eliminating hazards in the government.

However, New Zealand denied this reason for completely banning the company’s proposal on Thursday. He says that it is not because the company is a Chinese-owned company but the problem was on its technological matters.

Meanwhile, Little clarified his statement that New Zealand’s decision of banning Huawei in the country was nothing specific on its background as a Chinese Telecommunication. This was despite him saying that there might be cybersecurity risks due to Huawei’s substantial relationship with other countries. This could cause a threat to New Zealand.

The Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) has numerous factors in deciding quality assurance and safety in the nation. The agency made it clear that it is not only about Huawei being Chinese or an Asian company. They want to protect and reduce the risk of making mistakes by choosing a ‘better’ telecommunication company fit for their people.

China is New Zealand’s trading partner and one of the largest concerning different goods and products worth billions of dollars. The two share a healthy relationship in the trade industry. This ban on Huawei will not stop their trade in business although caused an alarming concern to China.

The proposed project was a 5G network promising to provide a ‘super-fast’ network connection, a connection that can download huge files in just a second or less. Although the Chinese telecommunication company was banned in New Zealand, this does not reduce their capability to provide an excellent network to their partners around the world.

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