Growing with speed, Xiaomi’s flight to phone manufacturing leaderboards


Xiaomi Corporation is the fastest growing phone manufacturing company in the world. Since it’s first smartphone release in August of 2011, the company now boasts some of the best phones you could get in the market.

Having over 15,000 employees and revenues of $2.6 billion on 2018; Xiaomi is growing like no other! Beating its rivals in the area – Vivo, and Oppo by a massive margin while gaining its name as ‘China’s Apple.’ With its foot firmly placed in China and India, and successful launches in Spain, France, and Italy.

Xiaomi designs and manufactures their tablet computers, smart home devices, laptops, and smart TVs. But what makes Xiaomi sprint to the leaderboards are their smartphone creations by having the best possible hardware while not paying over $1000.

Xiaomi has a roster of phones that could be somewhat confusing to those who are in the US. The brand is so scarce in the states since there are no official distributors in the area.

Still, available on eBay and Craigslist though you won’t get the Xiaomi experience as Asians do since Xiaomi is not made for LTE networks found in the US. Xiaomi has its Mi line, which is its flagship line, Note line being its phablet line having the biggest screens on phones, and the RedMi line is their budget phone line.

Having a lineup of phones such as the Mi Max 3 that just cost less than $400 and Mi 8 costing less than $600. While having the best of the best for hardware, you could barely do any wrong with this phones.

Mi Max 3

A phone that has a 6.9″ screen display, powered by Snapdragon 636 and backup by a 5500 mAh battery, whole day gaming on this phone is undoubtedly possible. It’s more likely for you to give up first before this beast when having a rated time of 10 hours of continuous gameplay.

Mi 8

A phone that makes Samsung look like a deal breaker; having virtually the same words and numbers when compared side-to-side differing only in the camera department and of course the price tag. And just last September, the pro edition of this phone has been announced featuring a sleek transparent back design and a lot more features.

Pocophone F1

A phone that makes you wonder why do I have to pay for something this much when I can get this one instead? With its drawbacks because of its ridiculously low price, plastics, and subpar cameras, this phone car run a mile in seconds and have time for tea to spare.

With Xiaomi putting out phones like those mentioned above, no wonder why this company is pacing its way to the top in Asian and European markets. If not just for the difference in LTE networks between them and the US, I bet that if otherwise, this phone would make it big time in the US as well.

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