Budget phones for Christmas 2018 part 2

Huawei Honor 7X

I guess that four phone options are not enough to make the best choice of phones for you to wrap and place under your trees for your loved ones this Christmas. So here’s four more phone to choose from.

Number 5 – Huawei Honor 7X

This phone has the looks of a phone that costs around $700 but is the cheapest phone you could get that doesn’t only do calls and texts. One of the best value phones of the year, in fact, priced at $199.99.

With an extra-wide screen, although its LCD and won’t give you ultra brightness and the deepest of blacks. It is a great screen paired with minimal side bezels, and the phone’s front won’t make you look away that quickly.

The phone’s camera is a level above the competition in the price point with more details, vibrant and range of colors. Drawbacks are universal, no NFC or Water Resistance and a battery that would die out before the day ends. The value you get out of this solid performing phone is impressive. Dim the lights, plug in your headset and enjoy your Christmas special with this phone.

Number 6 – Nokia 7.1

An all-around performing piece of work, a competent phone somewhat like a jack of all trades and master of none. We’re talking budget here so lets compromise. Coming in at $349, this phone has stunning looks with a matt aluminum and glass body with a great display and cameras that are great considering the price.

Performance is excellent with this phone. As well with Google’s android one platform while having Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 under the hood. This is just a great phone to get while not breaking the bank.

Number 7 – Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

Priced at $429, you’ll get a phone that stands out from the rest with is ceramic body while having almost no bezels from top to sides and an oddly placed selfie camera at the bottom left the corner. With a dual camera system with a secondary telephoto camera for portrait mode and having a Snapdragon 845 is another reason to get this phone.

Number 8 – Umidigi One Pro

With an overall rating of 8.5 / 10 and a value rating of 9 / 10, what do you think you could get with a phone priced at $153.99? Well, you’ll get a 5.9 inch LCD run by an Helio P23, octa-core processor and powered by a 3,250 mAh battery. With Android 8.1 Oreo, you’ll get an experience that’s worth more than you paid for. You can watch the new year countdown concert for 7 hours on this phone while enjoying it at a 19:9 aspect ratio. Can’t get any better than this at less than 200 USD.

This ends my list of budget phones to get as presents for Christmas. Mind you that this is a list, not a ranking. Just remember to do proper research on something than playing the guessing game with your well earn cash. Happy shopping!

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