Sensors for your digestive tract are now out in the market!

The development of stomach sensors for a much healthier food intake

Developments in Food Technology have evolved over the years. We have these ‘smart’ appliances that improved cooking in a variety of ways. This time, it’s more than the conventional kitchen assistance inventors have in mind.

Experts have been boiling more innovative ways to revolutionize technology in food and health. Sensors used to detect problems in a person’s digestive tract is now available for individuals with a weak stomach condition or monitor food intake.

With the digital age growing at its peak and with smartphones becoming one of humanity’s integral tool, everything is done through the Internet. From food to services, commodities are achieved with just a click away on your mobile phones.

One of the most in-demand services men introduced using the power of smartphones, and the internet is food delivery. It is apparent that this generation is always on the go and services such as food delivery is a hit.

Current business forecast revealed that food delivery services will be more used than the typical dine-in experience. In the US and other countries, food delivery businesses are taking over the cities.

If you are a person who is too busy to prepare your lunch, you can now order online on your preferred restaurants, drinks, and anything you can think of. If you think you are too far from your favorites, well, nothing should be impossible now. The internet is your friend!

What we have right now is food delivery from known fast-food chains, Chinese restaurants, and pizza deliveries. This type of new technology in food allows access to different restaurants, coffee shops, and even those home-based small businesses.

What makes it different from the current system that we have is that it is accessed through mobile apps where we can view their menu and prices online. This will make it more accessible to anyone in this modern generation since everyone owns at least one gadget to stay alive.

However, the “on the go” mentality has its share of downright experiences. The psychology of dependency on things that are instant can get the best of us in health and well-being. Cases of obesity and stomach conditions have increased over time.

Hence, scientists have come up with a new technology that tracks your stomach intakes. Heard about ‘swallowablefood’ sensors?

Carnegie Mellon University, a university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been on the process of developing this area in Food technology. This will be a tool to detect problems in our digestive system and assess its status. It can also conduct a list of drugs for intake which will make our life easier. Aside from these, it will also be a tool for calculating our nutrient intake in every meal.

Meanwhile, if you do not feel like swallowing any sensors, there are smart chopsticks that can detect those mentioned above. It can also be a tool to check temperature, cooking oil’s freshness, and a direct report on your food’s nutrients.

Tufts University School of Engineering has also created a tooth sensor. This device measures our alcohol and sugar levels in our system.

These are just some of the things we always thought that could never take place in our lifetime but are happening in a fast-paced—thanks to new and innovative food technology and the people behind all these.

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