Best Cheap Phones for Christmas 2018

Best Cheap Phones

There are Christmas presents then, and there’s the ultimate Christmas present, a brand new phone when taring apart those well-wrapped gifts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20 Pro to name a few of the best phones you could get, but let’s face it, not all of us have pockets that deep since those are in the vicinity of $1,000 and above.

Here is our list of the best cheap phones for the holiday season:

OnePlus 6T

With a price tag of $520, there’s so little that could go wrong with this choice. OnePlus was the company that pioneered in the age of the flagship killer, they started with $400 and but has increased throughout the years yet still acceptable by the standard that they’ve set.

Always boasting the latest in hardware and a minimal OS, the 6T is no different. Now with an elegant glass back finish and metal body which screams out the class. Carrying a Snapdragon 845 chip and the latest in GPU with a ton of RAM and a whole lot more for storage, the phone won’t disappoint anyone who picks this up under their Christmas tree.

Pocophone F1

The buzz this phone has created through the months since its release is nothing short of amazing. In my opinion, this is the undisputed budget flagship, though with its downsides like a plastic body which nowadays people won’t be customed holding in their hands and an LCD screen instead of LED.

There should be an exchange in quality somewhere right? Picture me this, true beauty lies within, just like this phone. Using the same chip as a Galaxy Note 9, a Snapdragon 845 lies inside this beast and having a 4,000 mAh battery this phone won’t bring anything but a smile on ones face. Did I mention it only goes for $340?

Huawei Honor 10

The phone is just beautiful with is Aurora Glass plus the color shifting design improving on the previous Honor 9. Thou a bit slippery with the glass and metal body design, it has a pretty good build compared to other phones at the same price tag.

The colors on the phone are just amazing especially the Phantom Blue and not only that, but the screen display is vibrant as well with an FHD+ with 432 PPI there’s not much to complain about here.

You have to be careful not to drop this one since this doesn’t have Gorilla glass or any special glass hardening effect thus making it a crack magnet even when falling a short distance. Protective casing is a must with this, a shame to hide the beauty this phone brings.

Apple iPhone 7

Even though I’m not a fan of iOS; I still have to consider those who are. This model has been in the market for years now, old design and hardware, still this iPhone packs a punch with a refined iOS that gets updated without any delay and the phone with all things considered was once the flagship of the company.

With the price dropping to $460, it can go toe-to-toe with the best of them here in 2018. This could be the best compact phone on this list while being the most updated one since its release so apps on this are optimized at max making it run smoothly and will still get updates.

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