Women From Around The World Protests On The Day Of Elimination Of Violence Against Women

November 25 has been declared as the day of Elimination of Violence against Women as an international protest. People celebrate this day—mostly women—as a day of remembrance of the violence of the past not as something to linger on but as something to fight for.

Hundreds of thousands of women around the world have gathered in their places to protest against the current situation of the remaining areas that still violate women. Although violence in both men and women still occur up to this day and on the next day, many people believe that there is still a way out of this madness.

Women from Costa Rica, France, and many more countries have started their protest, and all had different concerns due to culture and difference. There are still parts of the world where violence in women whether physically, mentally or emotionally is still active. For others, it is just how they live their lives.

This type of treatment is a result of many other aspects that could be happening in an area. One can be the culture that has been planted since their forefathers. It could be how people live their lives. They don’t know the effect of it. Second, it can be caused by poverty since it happens more in places that the government including the media find difficult to penetrate. And another one may be caused by their lack of knowledge. This is why we need to create awareness through our voices and our actions.

The day of Elimination of Violence against Women does not limit only adult women who we think could go through all things smoothly but women of every age. Women who experience what they do not deserve—the young and the old.

We all have a role to play in our communities. If you are a woman and you are reading this right now, do not be afraid to set standards on how men people treat you. You are important, and you matter in society. Gone are the days when women do not equal to any value. We hope that you live a life worthy of the hardships that you have gone through. We expect you remain healthy for the women of the next generation.

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