Same-Sex Marriage In Taiwan: DISAPPROVED

Voters have rejected the legislation for same-sex marriage in Taiwan on Saturday resulting from a series of three referendums which caused sadness and chaos on supporters of this movement. It has been clear on how people have supported the LGBT Community around the world; one of which is legalizing same-sex marriage. However, other countries have already approved this, but for other countries, this is something that needs more time.

Taiwan’s current stand on same-sex marriage has been an issue for a time now. The country has not legalized unions between same-sex, and that marriage should still only be between a man and a woman. This has led conservative groups in the country to express more on their stand on this burning issue: whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan.

As the results have been brought out to the public, Taiwan’s law on marriage remains the same. The old and the only requirement.

A new generation of the LGBT Community have risen to fight for what they feel is right but somehow, not everyone agrees on it. Tradition is still a priority for the majority, and they are sure of it. The disapproval of the legislation to legalize same-sex marriage came from a large group of people who are pro-family as most Asians believe and follow up to this day. It is not about unfairness inequality but a stand on tradition and morals.

Meanwhile, the LGBT Community only asks for a “special union” since this has been a plea for long now. As government officials feel the need to pass this law, the people of Taiwan who opposes this think that it is wiser to go with what they already have and not compromise their beliefs.

After receiving a lot of feedback from supporters of this movement, there might be a law permitting protection on couples of the same sex but never to allow same-sex marriage according to speculations from supporters and non-supporters.

In the United States and other countries, same-sex marriage has already been legal as a way of protecting the people. Equality amongst all has always been the goal.

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