Donald Trump Bombards Wikipedia

Recently, Wikipedia a site that you would go to research on stuff you needed to know has been flooded with vandals of US president Donald Trump. An ironically comic in which they change the presidents photo into a dick, get it?

Wikipedia is an online free encyclopedia in which anonymous writers create the pages for free just in case you didn’t know. So people are free to do whatever, create a page or edit an existing one, in this case, Donald Trump’s page. At some point, it even taught Apple’s Siri when asking it how old the president to show the photo is.

An editing war has been going on in fixing then vandalizing the page, going back and forth and you can even see the log of edits that go on a daily, several times a day. I also let out a chuckle while reading the edits. But the page has been under attack more seriously than edits since Wikipedia has placed the page under ‘extended confirmed protection’ meaning that page couldn’t be edited with an account under a month old and with less than 500 edits. But even under this circumstances, the page has still continuously been vandalized, the determination of this people are incredible and the dedication to the joke is flat out unbelievable.

The people behind the attacks have found a way to keep on going with their joke, they aren’t just using standard accounts to do the deed but instead admin accounts and even trusted accounts. Also having two-factor protection for the admin accounts they still got through by hacking onto accounts that are inactive for months making them vulnerable to the conventional way in hacking accounts. Wikipedia has gone into blocking those accounts from edits.

“I have fully-protected the article for three hours. At the end of that time let’s try letting it go back to the natural EC protection and see if it suffices; if not we may need to lock it again. With this kind of viral vandalism, reverting each instance and blocking the perpetrator is insufficient; it’s better not to let it happen at all.” One editor wrote on the site’s forum. How far can a joke go? Forever it seems.

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