Fuel Protest Of France Gets Violent Against Police

On the second week of the rally against oil price hike in Paris, clashes have already broken out between the police and protesters.

This incident happened after a clash broke out in Champs-Elysées where protesters, the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) tried to get through a police security cordon around sensitive sites in the center of the city on Saturday. Because of that, the police and Gendarmes used teargas and water cannon to break up the crowd. They call themselves the yellow vest movement because of their extraordinary high visibility attire.There are around 5,000 protesters and dozens of them are arrested because of the chaos happened.

In hoping to have a peaceful protest, the police banned the “gilets jaunes” from assembling in one site. One the second week of the protests, the strikers see to it that this time, they will be heard.

Thousands of the protesters came all over from France to Champs Élysées on Saturday just to let out their anger to their French President Emmanuel Macron and his constituents in the government.

On the side of the protesters, they were said to be creeping in from the extremists and casseurs (rioters and hooligans). They have torn up the paving stones and toss them. Some even throw them out directly to the police behind the barricades that they have set up. This incident triggered the police to fight back.They have thrown teargas, pepper spray,water cannon and even have the bulldozers to clear the strikers out.

One of the spokesperson of yellow vest movement, Laetitia Dewalle said that they only want the government,particularly the President to hear their sentiments over the oil price hike. They do not intend to fight against the police or anyone.

Interior minister Christopher Castaner accused the far-right leader Marine le Pen for being involved in the said protests. But Le Pen slammed Castaner back by accusing him of dishonesty.

5,000 police were dispatched in the Paris area. The metal barriers were set up surrounding the office of the President and in the national assembly. At the end of the day, they were able to clear out most of the area. The riot left 14 injured people including 4 police officers.





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