Trump Administration Asks For Immediate Review For Banning Transgender In Military

US  President Donald Trump is now on his lookout for transgender joining the US military. Trump administration is trying to make another attempt to bypass the federal appeals courts on Friday and asking them to review again their proposed restriction of having and recruiting transgender in the military.

According to Trump’s administration, having transgender in the military will cause significant medical costs and at the same time destruction. President Trump made a policy that blocks a particular person from serving the military who is suffering from a condition known as gender dysphoria that limits exceptions. It was also indicated in the policy that an individual who does not have the state could serve the military as long as they will do it according to the gender they were assigned by birth. The President first announced this first policy in July 2017 via Twitter and Secretary of Defense James Mattis officially released it.

Having gender dysphoria experience distress or discomfort as a result of a disparity between their biological sex (assigned at birth) and what they feel their gender to be.

In regards to legal challenges that are happening, judges in federal courts in three jurisdictions, California, Washington State, and Washington DC have denied following the issue against the president’s original ban to allow the updated policy to be imposed. The government is still appealing to their decision.

The administration is asking for an immediate review of the constitutional challenges to the ban. The petition filed on Friday was by Solicitor General Noel Francisco asking the judges to initiate the issue in three separate cases which are still in lower courts so that it could be decided this term decisively.

This filing by the Trump administration was followed after the public conflict between President Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts. The battle between both of them is because of the independence of the judiciary this week. This happened after President Trump called one of the lower court judge an ‘Obama judge.’ President Trump’s criticizing the judge leads Chief Justice Roberts to give a rare statement on Wednesday which answered by Trump via Twitter criticizing Roberts and American judiciary of sabotaging the national security.

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