Anti-Bullying Week: Prince William Speaks about Cyber Bullying


The internet and technology have been a part of our everyday lives for communication, work, business, studies and many more. The accessibility that technology has created for us all is almost limitless, and most of the time it gets out of control.

Social media has played an enormous role in today’s generation, and we have benefited much from it – the good and the bad. It has been the most potent tool of communication around the globe. We hear from the media and ordinary citizens in our news feeds daily, and there has never been a day that we do not get updated.

Meanwhile, social media has one of its greatest disadvantages, and that is Cyber bullying. This has been a form of communication nowadays and has also been one of the most significant problems of this generation. Today, Princess Kate and Prince William paid a visit to some schools and encouraged parents and students to be more sensitive on how they use social media as part of their charity objectives.

Their campaign helps people especially children who are victims of cyber bullying and also prevention of it. “Stop, Speak, Support” is what their advocacy initiates. As parents, they have now reached a higher level of responsibility when it comes to the younger generation. They are far more concerned about children’s mental health and the risks that affect one’s mind. They have seen how people have gone through depression because of cyber bullying and how it has destroyed others’ future.

In line with the Anti-Bullying Week, Prince William gave out a powerful message to social media companies who do not see the urgency of protecting children from cyber bullying. According to The Duke of Cambridge, our values should be of more importance than the profit we make from social media and earning is not going to be impossible when we cancel the things that we compromise. We will not lose when we do good.

This is not just for fund-raising or public display. The fight against cyber bullying requires an enormous task of unity. Until the source of it stays the same, cyber bullying will remain.


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