Trump Attacks French Leader on His Speech on Nationalism

After calling on a raincheck on the Armistice Day in France, the President gave out an attack statement regarding a speech that was delivered by Emmanuel Macron, a French leader, on that day. Macron, his French counterpart talked about nationalism which might have offended Trump. He described nationalism as betrayed patriotism and at the same time urged other leaders who were present on that day to reject the act of nationalism.

He also emphasized the difference between patriotism and nationalism and pointed out that the first one is good and the latter is not. Accordingly, patriotism is what drove the people to fight for their love of country and led them to war to attain peace and order while nationalism could be the opposite of what they have done. This is what Emmanuel Macron felt towards Trump’s leadership in America which made him ‘vent out’ his feelings in his official Twitter account, again.

President Donald Trump directly targeted Macron’s ratings in France and their unemployment ratings. He said that Macron has been suffering from having low approval from the people and that he was trying to shift things to attention. He was confident enough to release words such as these because Trump knew his ratings were undeniably higher than Macron.

Trump also attacked his speech on nationalism saying that France is one of the most significant examples of patriotism and their people are too proud and righteous of themselves. Although the speech given by Macron was indirect and even pleaded to fellow leaders to continue to fight for order and peace. President Donald Trump could not accept the fact that he was bold enough to say those words. He even added on his tweet to bring back France’s greatness.

Meanwhile, Trump also added to France’s trade on wines and military records. He appreciated the truth that France makes wine excellently but the U.S. finds it difficult to market their wines in France since charges on Tariffs are high while the U.S. charges very low Tariffs on theirs.

After a number of tweets sent to the world of social media, France made it clear that they do not ‘reply’ nor ‘comment back’ on such petty statements on the internet. The French Presidential Palace released a statement to the media regarding his tweets saying that whatever he says on it is not intended for the French people but to Americans solely since it is written in English. Otherwise, it should be in French for them to believe his words.

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