LeBron Being LeBron

Lebron James

From the start of the season, LeBron has put up his career average across the board just like usual even though his team averaged a loss for the first couple of games. LeBron being the stat maker that he is just passed Wilt Chamberland on the all-time scoring list and is now 5th overall with 31,425 career points and is creeping up on the guy that has always been said to be better than him, Michael Jordan, the GOAT according to some or most depending on whose side your on.

LeBron being just 33 years of age is at the peak of his prime, and now the leader of a talented team of young and veteran players and the face of the most famous franchise in basketball is on a tear as of late. They are on a four-game winning streak as they beat the Portland Trailblazers 126-117 at home in a game that poured in from the 3-point line, and the rainmaker himself, James made 5 of 6 three-pointers and score 44 points on the night, his best as Laker so far. He was feeling it in the 2nd quarter as he splashed one from 30 feet away and gave the Lakers their first lead of the game.

If the King would put up his career average in points this season, and lets say he plays his career average in games as well he would pass Michael Jordan as well this season whom is just 867 points away with 32,292 total career points and would only make for another debate on who should be the undisputed Greatest Of All Time.

And since he keeps on breaking records, he right now is on track to be on the top of the All-Time scoring list and knock Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when his time as an NBA player is said and done since he said that he wants to play with Bron junior in the league one day. This would be his 15th NBA season and his first as a Laker, I kind of wonder why he just won the scoring champ only once and be listed as one of the great scorers ever.

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