Gaza Fires Rockets Into Israel After An Israeli Undercover In Gaza Was Exposed


The war between Israel and Gaza has not yet ended up to this day although news about it has been kept low. This week, there have been rockets fired to Ashkelon a town in Southern Israel from Gaza. The rockets fired into Israel were more than 460 since the week started. There were buildings hit, 28 people were said to be injured, and 8 people have been killed by it. According to reports, 7 of those who died were militants including one civilian – all of them are Palestinians. In response to the attack, Israel hit 160 militants in Gaza through aircraft.

An Israeli official then confirmed Egypt arranged this attack and a ceasefire through some Palestinian militant groups, but the Hamas said that they would only submit once the Zionist enemy would also commit to it. Israel will continue to act in response to the attacks by them.

This all started, Sunday when a special undercover from the Israeli military inside Gaza was exposed. It followed an encounter with the Hamas group which killed one of their commanders including one lieutenant-colonel from the undercover. The next day, Gaza sent their revenge through the bombing of rockers and some mortars. This caused to fire-up the war even more.

NickolayMladenov, an envoy of the UN Middle East, described the attack as extremely dangerous and threatening since it escalated quickly. He also added that their behavior has been reckless and that they have to stop firing rockets as it has been affecting some civilians. Mladenov said that it has to end immediately.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded through a wide-scale attack targeting the Islamic Jihad groups and the Hamas. They included the headquarters of their military intelligence in Gaza. It has also been reported that there were already about 26 people injured and 7 were killed in the attacks. Some of them were their militants, and some were ordinary farmers in the town.

This has not been the first time Gaza and Israel fired back on each other. Accordingly, they have already fought for the third time, and situations like this are usual.

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