Melania Trump Unexpected Firing Of White House Staff

Another big issue had immersed in the White House. But this time, it is between the US first lady Melania Trump and Mrs. Mira Ricardel, the deputy national security adviser of the White House.

It all started in the first tour of Melania Trump in Africa last October when Mrs. Ricardel quarreled over seating arrangements on the plane during the said trip with the staff of the first lady. And during Mrs. Trumps’ rare interview, she mentioned that there are still people in White House that do not trust. And now, she started to make a move for it. And President Trump, chief of staff John Kelly and White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders did not see it coming.

Aside from the first lady of the United States, other staff from the White House also have complaints against Mrs. Mira Ricardel. One of this is an official from the White House who accused Mrs. Ricardel of being dishonest and after a while leak stories to cover up her behavior. Another issue involving Mrs. Ricardel is when she had arguments for how many times against the Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, which is known to have a rivalry within the Trump administration. The dispute started between Mrs. Ricardel and Mr. Mattis when she tries to block Mattis from hiring people who are a threat or no loyalty to President Trump.

The difference now about the issue facing Mrs. Ricardel in the White House is that the first lady Melania Trump is the one who wants her out with no uncertain terms. Because of all of this, she is having a hard time to land a top position in the Trump administration. Though issues are popping out, she is still considered to have the position as undersecretary of commerce for export administration.

Mrs. Ricardel was hired by Bolton in April as President Trump’s national security adviser and has decades of experience in US government. Aside from that, she also worked in the Department of Defense under former President George W. Bush. Mrs. Ricardel also served as the Senate Majority Leader under Republican Senator Bob Dole.





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