Stan Lee Died At 95: The Man Behind Marvel Heroes

Today has been a mourning day as our favorite comic book writer, and popularly known as the creator of Marvel heroes, Stan Lee. Stan Lee is also commonly understood to be extra and doing cameos in Marvel movies.

Tributes for the great Stan Lee from lots of people are now spreading especially from the celebrities who played Marvel heroes in the movie. Hugh Jackman who plays the role of Wolverine in X-Men said: “We’ve lost a creative genius.”. Actor Cris Evans who plays the character of Captain America wrote in Twitter, “there will never be another Stan Lee.” While Robert Downey Jr. just simply said, “I owe it all to you, Rest in Peace Stan.”

Stan Lee made a significant impact in the comic and movie industry. He introduced to the kids and even adults the superheroes that we all love until today. His creations and great mind are one of a kind, and people like him deserves a great appreciation and respect from all of us.

Other celebrities who gave their tribute are Kevin Feige, producer and president of Marvel Studios, Tom Hardy who stars in Venom, Sir, Patrick Stewart who is known as Professor X in X-Men series, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. Tom Holland who is portraying the latest Spider-Man, Chris Hemsworth who plays the role of Thor, and other celebrities and singers as well who appreciate the works and legacy Stan Lee left.

Even Marvel’s rival publisher DC comics also tweeted to pay tribute to the father of Marvel.

“He changed the way we look at heroes, and modern comics will always bear his indelible mark. His infectious enthusiasm reminded us why we all fell in love with these stories in the first place. Excelsior, Stan.”

According to a family lawyer, the Marvel creator and comic book author Stan Lee died at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His wife, Joan, died last 2017 also at 95. But before his life came to an end, Stan Lee experience illnesses like pneumonia.

Stan Lee is always present in Marvel movies. He is popularly known in doing cameos in Marvel films even if he left the company in 1972. So even before his death, he was still able to do a cameo in the upcoming Avengers 4. So better watch out for the new Marvel movie as this will serve as the final cameo of our legendary Stan Lee. Surely people will miss him.

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